Content Marketing

We help you attract, engage and retain audiences, by providing them with informational content.

We deliver

A custom publishing calendar.

Content Audit

Full content crawl to frame customer journey stage and content type. Competition Analysis and backlinking profile. Content optimisation, opportunities and suggestions

Internal Content

Content strategy based on commercial and competition analysis that we deliver in short form or long form content marketing articles


We’re developing native advertising and outreach articles that target your audience and transfer authority to your business through organic results


We’ll explain the mechanisms behind search engine bots and help you get a clear image of your industry and competitors in the SERPs, we’ll help you build a strong editorial calendar

Content Strategy


The first layer of research starts from the website’s traffic, rank and commercial opportunities. We research your competitors’ backlinking profile, in order to develop your link building strategy (URLs & keywords)

Content Strategy

We’re choosing the third party authoritative (domain rating) and relevant (page authority) platforms for your industry to get the most out of your backlinking strategy.


We’re developing native advertising and outreach articles that match the topic of the publishers and your business. Our purpose with them is to transfer authority to promoted URLs, on the highest potential keywords and to increase your rankings for these keywords

Agentie Content Marketing si content writing - Audit content marketing

Content audit

  • Evaluate your existing content in terms of SEO metrics, intention and quality and identify your top ranking pages and opportunities and the articles and LPs that bring you no added value.
  • Measure the content consumption and sales standards and analyze your backlinking profile, in comparison to your competitors’. The deliverable embodies a list of content optimization suggestions that can be easily implemented for a fast growth, and an editorial calendar which will guide you towards your goals.
  • We’ll prioritize these actions, considering the effort and the outcome and ease the decision making process for you.
Agentie content marketing si content writing - cu focus pe analiza cuvinte cheie pentru link building


  • We’re alternating between native advertising and outreach articles for your backlinking strategy, as we’re both targeting a high authority transfer and a great coverage for the sources that quote you.
  • For native advertising, we’re working with the best countrywide publishers out there, in terms of authority and traffic.
  • For outreach, we’re using a shortlist of local and regional publishers and blogs, to ensure you the most natural referring domains palette. Our focus here isn’t awareness and branding, but a better performance of your main products and/ or services, which will be measured and highlighted in your monthly reports and overall analytics.

Who trusts us

We help companies whose visions will drive the change in their industries.

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From my perspective, content has always been king, both in terms of awareness and revenue. I started this path by studying Journalism, Public Relations and Communications and moved forward through copywriting and content writing, both in-house and at other agencies, before the Data Revolt era. This step-by-step approach gave me time for a smooth transition to digital, as well as a strong ground in terms of creativity and research.

All my previous experiences played their part in my professional plot and I am lucky to have been challenged by countless content channels and formats and various significant projects including OLX, Mega Image, Ivatherm, Secom, Flanco, Kiehl's, OTP Bank and many others. Juggling with short form and long form content marketing and copy and shifting from writing holistic healthcare articles to editing backlinking pieces of content for the automotive industry gave me the opportunity to strengthen my accommodation skills and to support a deep understanding of various industry niches.

Joining Data Revolt broadened my horizons on data marketing, supported me to build a Content Marketing department de novo and allowed me to become more than familiar with SEO content tools such as Ahrefs, SEOmonitor, Screaming Frog and Semrush.

As for what I'm both receiving and giving back, making an impact in numerous business fields is my mantra and my purpose. All the more as I have the opportunity to integrate and align the Content strategy with other related approaches such as SEO, performance, UX, direct marketing or social media.

I'm not only providing companies with purposeless content pieces, but with in-depth research, competition analysis, search engine marketing best practices and evergreen deliverables that attract traffic, improve rankings, educate the market and, bottom line, revamp the brands' awareness and increase business revenue.



Content Marketing Posts

results back to school period

School is starting soon, which reactivates certain specific consumer needs. From clothing, supplies, even subscriptions or online applications, gadgets, and more, all are part of the wide range of...

Content marketing pentru industriile farma și medicală: de ce colaborarea cu experți este tratamentul potrivit pentru rezultatele tale de business

Content marketing is an essential tool for businesses in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. But how can one ensure that their content marketing efforts are effective in reaching their...


Adding a blog to your digital marketing plan can help you keep your audience updated about your business and is the perfect platform to strengthen your SEO strategy. You should take blogging into...


Whether you’re trying to understand more about digital marketing in order to boost your business results or you’re a professional looking to enhance your skill set, you’re in the right...

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How to reposition a brand in social media with data and content strategy

Flanco is a leading Romanian consumer electronics retailer with a history of almost 30 years on the local market and over 5 million happy customers. Flanco has been, since its beginnings, ahead of trends, revolutionizing the market by inventing the credit loan with ID and bringing the Black Friday concept in Romania.



Solutions and key initiatives 

When we took over the Minifarm account, the email contribution was only 0.62% out of the total number of transactions and 0.27% out of the total website traffic. After one year and 6 key initiatives we’ve managed to see a 570% increase in the number of transactions brought by email and 74% more website traffic.

Logo Minifarm client Data Revolt Agency SEO and digital marketing

Orange Romania

Solutions and key initiatives 

While looking at historical data of previous search campaigns revealed a very actionable insight: search queries can signal how close the user is from making a purchase.

More exactly, the degree of specificity in the search input placed the user into one of the 3 categories - Prospecting / Pondering / Shopping.
The hypothesis was that treating those three categories differently would greatly increase the campaign effectiveness.

Therefore, strategically, we imagined a funnel inside the overall shopping funnel, based on the input from the search intent. We split the campaigns into 3 categories, based on how close to conversion the customers are.



How to win the Zero moment

YOXO is one of the most innovative telecom products on the market, launched by Orange Romania in 2020. It is a 100% digital telecom subscription that comes as an app and it’s meant to change the traditional contractual relationship with a telecommunications provider.


F64 – direct marketing case study

How to scale your direct marketing actions 

F64 is the biggest photo-video concept store in the South-East of Europe, with a history of over 20 years on the Romanian market. Launched in 2001 as a brick-and-mortar store, F64 has since become a hub for photography enthusiasts, boasting an impressive 1000-square-meter showroom, an online shop, a blog and an Academy offering courses and accreditations.

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Case Study Bringo – Performance campaigns