How to reposition a brand in social media
with data and content strategy


  • Lack of interaction on the social media pages
  • Low engagement and reach coming from younger demographics
  • Strong transactional approach and no relationship marketing

Solutions and key initiatives

In order to improve Flanco's social visibility, we proposed a brand repositioning in social media that would tackle a change in tone of voice, visual design and target audience.

The strategy aimed to transform Flanco, from a transactional-only brand on social media to a playful brand with a tongue and cheek attitude, out-of-the box graphics and relevant content for our audiences.

Also, we wanted Flanco to become more approachable and create a dialogue with the public which, in turn, would later translate into brand trust. 4 key initiatives have been taken.

Implementation of gamification mechanisms 

Games, contests, quizzes and other interactive gamification mechanisms involve the audience more than any other type of content on social media, and more so when we want to address a younger demographics.

In the eyes of the consumer, the games become not just another message aimed at sales, but a generator of positive emotions, which significantly increases loyalty. The focus on gamification along with a relevant and engaging content - like trivia questions based on shared social experiences - have driven engagement rate with 382% and talk rate with 300%, in just three months.


The social trend in the industry is less is more. That is, the best content should be posted on the best days and times. We analyzed the posting frequency of Flanco's competitors, identified the best performing posting days and times, and established a balanced posting frequency for Flanco.

Plus, we haven't stopped optimizing our strategy in accordance with observable trends and results. We're increasing, month after month, the share of posts for each content pillar to check the impact, we continuously test different graphics and text formats, and adapt each content pillar according to the days and times of posting.

Approachable tone of voice and relevant content  

Since Flanco addresses a wide and diverse audience, the challenge was to provide useful and pertinent content for different types of public, from the thirty-something professionals interested in home appliances to the tech-savvy Generation Z. For example, the electric home radiators were promoted in the context of Bucharest's constant central heating problems, while small appliances like sandwich-makers or electric kettles were part of post dedicated to students living in dorms.

We also changed the tone of voice to become more approachable, less stiff and impersonal. Simple, tongue and cheek language explained unsalted technicalities. By developing this fresh new identity, the number of young people(aged 18-24) we've managed to reach out grew by 70% in the first 3 months of collaboration.

Content diversification

Transactional content is just one of the elements in a well performing social media marketing strategy and when used exclusively can negatively impact user engagement and brand stickiness. In order to capture and involve customers in the early stages of the sales funnel on social networks, the editorial calendar must use transactional content in conjunction with other types of communications.

With this idea in mind, we have proposed a mixture of communication pillars: 30% connecting (engaging content focused on games, trivia and fun facts), 30% informational content (news and facts related to tech world and the interests of the targeted audience), 20% learning (educational content, recipes, how to’s), 10% inspirational (ideas that will appeal to our young audience) and 10% transactional (offers and commercial call-to-actions).

Besides the drastic increase in engagement rate which we mentioned previously, the content diversification influenced the average CTR which saw a 120% growth and the number of website visitors coming from social media, that grew with 42%.


increased by 382%

Avg Reach Rate

increased by 75%

Average CTR

increased by 120% 

Avg Talk Rate

increased by 300%

Avg users on site

increased by 42%

Reached and engaged Gen Z audience

increased by 70%

About Flanco

Flanco is a leading Romanian consumer electronics retailer with a history of almost 30 years on the local market and over 5 million happy customers. It boasts an impressive portfolio of 156 stores in 112 cities and has one of the most important online shops in the country.

Black Friday

Flanco has been, since its beginnings, ahead of trends, revolutionizing the market by inventing the credit loan with ID and bringing the Black Friday concept in Romania.


During the pandemic, Flanco understood that consumer behaviour is due to change, maybe forever, and online shopping will soon become the next big thing. With that in mind, Flanco massively invested in digitalization which culminated with the migration to Magento 2 in 2021. This was the first time in the history of the brand, that the team invested more in the digital platforms than in their brick-and-mortar stores, the CEO Dragos Sirbu pointed out. The new platform offers a seamless experience to customers and simplifies the business processes.


Also, Flanco has introduced untraditional methods of delivery for electronic retailers likes Easybox, the longest period of free returns in Romania and new product lines only available in online like tires, electric vehicles, games and fitness equipment.

Market challenges

Flanco felt that in order to boost online sales and improve their social visibility, a brand repositioning in social media might be necessary. The brand’s repositioning would tackle a change in tone of voice, visual design and target audience. The new desired audience is the young 18-25 demographic that has a strong buying potential especially in the tech and personal care categories. In addition, they wanted to change how customers perceive the brand - from one that sells refrigerators and large appliances to a lifestyle, techy brand.


On social media platforms, our customers are not, in fact, customers. There are people looking for entertainment and relaxation. So a brand that focuses on transactional communication cannot compete with the entertainment provided by social networks: from reels, to family photos, or funny videos with cats and dogs.

Flanco has decided not to compete with this type of communication, but to join it and, with that, the community. In a simpler and more friendly tone, we've covered topics with the role to connect with the audience, to information, to educate, to inspire and only to a small extent to sell.

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with our partners Data Revolt in business verticals such as SEO and PPC, we decided to also tackle social media platforms together, where we quickly managed to stand out from the mass of brands that are successfully ignored by their customers. From the first month, the average reach per post increased by 43%, and the engagement increased 10 times compared to the same month last year. We are grateful to them for the professionalism with which this partnership was carried out and for the remarkable results achieved in such a short time.
- Ovidiu Nicusan, Marketing Director, Flanco


The most significant advantage of working with Flanco was the trust placed in us as an agency and specialists. The Flanco team shared their market knowledge with us, which we converted into ideas, content, and results. Our collaboration with Flanco has proven that engaging the client to fresh perspectives and drifting away from traditional social media patterns can yield high performance. Starting from the idea that it is not only about selling products or services on social media; it is also about sharing emotions, expertise, and feelings, together with Flanco, we managed to stand out from the very first month of collaboration. We thank Flanco for their involvement in the project, for their openness and for their professionalism.

- Victor, Social Media Specialist, Data Revolt