Driving growth through email marketing

120% increase in subscribers

570% growth in transactions

490% more revenue


Unengaged database

Low opt-in rate

Poor email performance

Churn rate

Solutions and key initiatives

When we took over the Minifarm account, the email contribution was only 0.62% out of the total number of transactions and 0.27% out of the total website traffic. These values were unusual considering we had a large database of subscribers.

After one year and 6 key initiatives we’ve managed to see a 570% increase in the number of transactions brought by email and 74% more website traffic. Not only that, but our database has grown with 120% more subscribers and out of these more than 50% placed at least one order since optin-in.

Marketing automations 

Several automations have been created to touch upon some of the most important steps in the customer journey. Opt-in and conversion rate are stimulated by a series of welcome emails offering visitors a gift upon subscribing and making their first purchase.

Website visitors browsing product pages or adding products to cart are persuaded to move closer to checkout through a sequential communication that aims to build trust and lower cognitive dissonance. 17.32% more carts have been ordered since we launched our automations. On the other hand, lost leads and customers are targeted with re-engagement campaigns that have managed to bring 10% of inactive users back online.

Look and feel

One other key initiative that we felt is paramount in driving email performance was redesigning the email template. The email looked like a product catalog with several overlapping promotional banners that felt impersonal and overly transactional. We took some of the best best practices and gave them the Minifarm feel.

First, we included a header with some of the most important product categories on the website. Secondly, we introduced a content section to allow us to communicate more personally with the reader, give him advice and how-tos and create a story around the offers. Thirdly, we added product recommendations and key selling points. Let’s not forget an overall change in graphics, color scheme and text fonts. The overall click rate doubled.

Monthly calendar based on customer behavior and seasonality 

The Minifarm team used the email sparingly to communicate monthly website promotions. Approximately one email per month was sent.

When we started the collaboration we wanted to design a calendar that would address customer preferences as well as seasonality and commercial priorities. For example, we’ve noticed that a lot of customers are interested in skincare and baby products, so we’ve made these categories focal points in our communication.

Moreover, using tools such as Seomonitor we’ve identified specific buying behaviors throughout the year and built our promotional emails around those. In connection with an increment of email frequency to 8 emails per month, we have succeeded in increasing the conversion rate for promotional emails with 77%.

Granular segmentation and personalization 

To make the email more performing, we had to make it more relevant to the users. Most automations have been created to tackle product and brand preferences while some promotional emails are sent only to customers who have shown an interest in certain categories. For example, customers who viewed skincare products will receive an abandoned browse campaign with skincare recommendations and, in the future, a targeted newsletter with a Bioderma promotion.

Moreover, we realized that it is more efficient to communicate only with active users and leave the inactive for dedicated reactivation campaigns. A direct consequence was the increase in open rate with up to 60% since we’ve started.

Converting visitors

We implemented a sign-up form on the website to collect subscribers and offered them a gift for their first purchase. Since the launch, the subscriber database increased with 120% and more than 50% of the subscribers made a purchase since they opted in. Talk about a good conversion strategy.

A/B tests

In order to improve open and click rate and get to know our subscribers better, we designed systematic A/B tests. For example we checked whether users respond better to their first name or to a more cheeky subject line, if they would rather open their emails on a Wednesday evening or on a Saturday morning. 30% more subscribers opened their emails when the timing and the subject line were Goldilocks.


158% increase

Conversion Rate Overall

270% increase


570% increase


490% increase

About Minifarm

Minifarm is a company with 100% Romanian capital, which forms a chain of over 90 pharmacies located mostly in the south-eastern part of Romania with a few subsidiaries in Bucharest. Since 2017, Minifarm opened an online shop which strives to address customers from the cities where there are not brick-and-mortar Minifarm pharmacies and also create more brand recognition online.


The first Minifarm drugstore was opened in 1996. 4 years later, this turned into the first Minifarm pharmacy. The company developed by opening more and more pharmacies in Constanta, exploiting the need for more pharmacies opened 24/7.

Moving to Online

Also, a major impact on business development was the launch of the Minifarm Online website in December 2017, which brought significant growth, thanks to the strategy approached over time. Through their online presence, a separate image strategy is promoted compared to physical pharmacies, for this the social media pages called Minifarm Online.

At Present

Minifarm now represents an important online retailer with more than 67000 customers and a wide range of products from dermatocosmetice, to mother&baby-care and dietary supplements. Extensive business growth plans are underway for the next period including enriching and diversifying the product portfolio, and expanding the direct marketing activities.


We have a dedicated team of specialists here at Data Revolt, a team that has managed to understand our business model. They say that if you're not online, you don't exist, but I think nowadays it's not enough. You also need to know how to do it properly. The Data Revolt team offer us constant recommendations on how to optimize our shop, as well as constructive feedback in the running of our marketing campaign.

Data Revolt - a young, professional and dedicated team that deliver real and concrete results!

- Liviu Hariton, Minifarm


As a digital marketing agency, we always want to have close collaborations with all our clients, and Minifarm is one of them. The team's openness and trust have helped us achieve each of our goals, up to this point. The vision of the long-term strategy proposed by Data Revolt helped grow the Minifarm project step by step, month over month. The results are also due to the fact that the amplitude and accuracy of the database allowed us to test different growth strategies. We are proud to have new valuable partners with us!

- Andra, Direct Marketing Specialist Data Revolt