Case Study Bringo - Performance campaigns

How to reactivate users and increase the profitability of performance campaigns when you are in summer mode

In a highly dynamic market, customer loyalty to the brand is very important. Combining the acquisition of new customers and the reactivation of existing users is a challenge for more and more companies.

This begs the natural question: how do you manage to keep users loyal when they are surrounded by options, promotional offers, and ever-shortening delivery times?

This summer, the Data Revolt team set out to find an answer to this question and build a complex strategy to reactivate users and increase the profitability of Bringo Romania's performance campaigns.

It was certainly a challenge, but the results at the end of the campaign proved once again that our data-driven approach is a winning one.

Shopping at us, summer at you!

This was the main message of the Bringo campaigns from June to August 2023, through which users were encouraged to enjoy every moment of summer, without being worried about the shopping.

The benefits of using the Bringo app were also at the forefront of communication with a focus on: 

  • Delivery Anywhere;
  • Personal Shopper who chooses the products exactly as you would; 
  • Fast delivery, in 90 min.

In the strategic performance approach of this campaign, the main challenge was to deliver the messages to the users most likely to react to them and to include them in the mix of ongoing campaigns, so as to achieve the proposed objectives of reactivating users and increasing profitability.

The ”Less is More” approach

Since one of the objectives was related to the profitability of the performance campaigns, we analyzed the data from the past years and identified a series of methods by which we can reduce costs and increase the number of orders:

Implementing fewer campaigns


This way we focused the budget on the main messages, maximizing the reach and reducing the total cost of the campaigns by 14% compared to the previous year.

Longer campaign runtime


This way we were able to better scale and optimize existing campaigns across the months of June - August 2023 versus the previous year when each month had a specific mix of campaigns.

Audience - message correlation


For new user acquisition, we focused on reasons to buy (prices and promotions as in the store, delivery in 90 min, personal shopper, first delivery free), while for remarketing and churned users we we focused on highlighting the existing promotions and the new functionalities of the Bringo app (shared basket, payment with meal ticket cards, delivery anywhere, fresh or money back).

Another key point was related to the use of automated bidding strategies and AI-powered campaigns. With enough historical data on the accounts, we chose to combine the knowledge and experience of our performance specialists related to the best campaign mixes with the tenacity of algorithms to identify the right person at the right time, with the right bid.

Thus, a "less is more" approach was outlined, based on data, experience, and automatic learning of algorithms to maximize the results from performance campaigns.

The results speak for themselves

In the evaluation of the results, we took the months of June - August 2022 as a reference for the performance of the campaigns and the first half of 2023 (January - May) for measuring the impact on the overall business.

The main metrics analyzed and percentages of difference from the reference are:


In the remarketing & churned users segment there was a 54.74% increase in purchases.

App installs

Churned users re-installed the Bringo app in a percentage of 154.55%.

Revenue & AOV

The increase in the revenue area was 115.43%, respectively 39% for average order value.

Profitability & ROAS

A 105.58% increase in return on advertising spend was also recorded for the remarketing & churned users segments.

New paying users

53% of their total in 2023 were registered between June and August.

Sign-up to customer rate

Versus the 2023 average, the rate of users who became customers increased by 26%.

The data show that we managed to achieve our set objectives of reactivating users and increasing the profitability of the Bringo performance campaigns, which also led to visible results in the overall business.

However, we must also give credit to the dynamics between the two teams involved - the openness of Data Revolt and the chemistry that describes the collaboration with Bringo were certainly important pillars for achieving these results.

What is the collaboration with Bringo like for the Data Revolt performance team

We resonate extremely well and this opens up new opportunities for growth, both for us as specialists and for Bringo as a business.

From the beginning of our collaboration, we wanted to be more than just an agency, we wanted to come up with new ideas and identify ways to grow, and Bringo gave us the opportunity to be as part of their internal team.

Our suggestions were always well received and even followed, and the strategies we built together proved successful, because Bringo's flexibility and adaptability helped enormously to carry out our initial plans.

Among many other things, we greatly appreciate their trust and openness, and we are very happy about the continuity of the collaboration and the perspectives of the results we can achieve in this formula.

Elena Căruntu, Senior Data Marketing Specialist at Data Revolt

What is the collaboration with us like for the Bringo team

The Data Revolt team is a dream come true! From our first discussion, we knew we were on the same page.

They brought a fresh vision and gave life to the campaigns, with a healthy dose of professionalism, and ensured the optimizations throughout the collaboration. Conversions increased, and costs decreased.

What won us over is their open, friendly, and data-driven approach. They helped us better understand our internal data in order to make better decisions.

They were always quick to answer our questions and adjust strategies along the way. You feel them like part of the team, not just an agency. Total confidence that they will always deliver the best results, no matter the challenges.

Ivona Băbărelu, Growth Manager at Bringo România