Sinziana Patru - Head of Content Marketing in cadrul Agentiei de Content DataRevolt


From my perspective, content has always been king, both in terms of awareness and revenue. I started this path by studying Journalism, Public Relations and Communications and moved forward through copywriting and content writing, both in-house and at other agencies, before the Data Revolt era. This step-by-step approach gave me time for a smooth transition to digital, as well as a strong ground in terms of creativity and research.

All my previous experiences played their part in my professional plot and I am lucky to have been challenged by countless content channels and formats and various significant projects including OLX, Mega Image, Ivatherm, Secom, Flanco, Kiehl’s, OTP Bank and many others. Juggling with short form and long form content marketing and copy and shifting from writing holistic healthcare articles to editing backlinking pieces of content for the automotive industry gave me the opportunity to strengthen my accommodation skills and to support a deep understanding of various industry niches.

Joining Data Revolt broadened my horizons on data marketing, supported me to build a Content Marketing department de novo and allowed me to become more than familiar with SEO content tools such as Ahrefs, SEOmonitor, Screaming Frog and Semrush.

As for what I’m both receiving and giving back, making an impact in numerous business fields is my mantra and my purpose. All the more as I have the opportunity to integrate and align the Content strategy with other related approaches such as SEO, performance, UX, direct marketing or social media.

I’m not only providing companies with purposeless content pieces, but with in-depth research, competition analysis, search engine marketing best practices and evergreen deliverables that attract traffic, improve rankings, educate the market and, bottom line, revamp the brands’ awareness and increase business revenue.


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