+50% users entered the top of the funnel
+70% reached the bottom of the funnel
+125% app downloads increased
-50% CPA
+66% business growth


  • Adoption barriers
  • Pain points in subscription
  • Lack of awareness
  • Low level of trust 
  • Highly competitive market
  • Lack of interaction on the social media pages

Solutions and key initiatives

The main challenge was to overcome the adoption barriers due to disruption & novelty of YOXO and generate business growth of plus 28% in 2022.

YOXO needed a strong impulse to determine users to change their service provider, and that impulse had to be generated in order to win the “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT).

The ZMOT is a model introduced by Google and refers to the moment in the buying process when the consumer who researches a product prior to purchase is ready to make a decision.

As an impulse, we used Youtube & Tik Tok video ads and worked with a well known influencer to define a funny and well thought-out visual content. The campaign was intended to be funny, to spark curiosity and to solve a need for flexibility.

Strategically, the aim was to influence momentum and generate search intent by video awareness on Youtube & Tiktok then capitalize it on search engines by targeting users in “zero moment”.

“The Zero Moment of Truth” for YOXO translates into the moment when users exposed to impulse start doing research in search engines. Our past data showed a strong correlation between search intent results and business growth, resulting in more sales and higher conversion rates.


First of all, we prepared a custom data measurement framework to analyze & understand the impact of awareness campaigns on search intent evolution and search volume fluctuations for our main keywords. Next, we decided to use the Youtube Brand lift Study methodology in order to accurately measure the Search lift directly generated by our campaign.

Next, we prequalified users and segmented audiences - we built custom buyer personas based on demographics, interest, shopping behavior & other important signals.

Then we prepared the Youtube Skippable campaign targeting specific YOXO personas with a frequency of 3 impressions per each user to maximize reach and influence momentum.

Last but not least, we planned & implemented strong search campaigns on Google & Apple to capture and convert 100% of the generated effect in the most effective way.

We also captured the audiences in "zero moment" by implementing effective remarketing tactical messages to remind users about our campaign while they were still in the research phase.

Creative concept

My phone, my rules. This concept was thought to empower the users to use their phones as they please and to become YOXO customers only when they are ready. The concept of the commercial video complemented the empowering process, suggesting that YOXO enables even the actors of the commercial to make their own script as they see fit, same as it allows customers to choose their own subscription plan: ”My commercial, my rules.”

At the same time, the “ready when you are” concept was meant to make users feel more relaxed in relationship with YOXO and to promote flexibility.


To amplify the desired effect we decided to add more channels in the media mix (video reach on Tiktok for example) and to execute a custom video remarketing strategy using tactical bumpers on Youtube. We targeted users who saw the first video, reminding them about YOXO & assisting the decision making process further.

The whole process was assisted by video ads on different channels in different formats (landscape, box, vertical) and different lengths (35s, 15s, 6s) and enhanced by strong search campaigns ready to convert.

Youtube was best used for reach in target & awareness on more premium channels and persona audiences to influence momentum, as well as for assisting remarketing strategy with tactical bumpers & help capitalize on “zero moment”, while Tiktok was best used for amplification with video reach on mass audiences.


Our research data says that video channels are the most impactful in changing the users perception in key micro moments from the consumer journey, especially in the decision making process: 70% of users from the consideration phase and 80% of users from the conversion phase are more likely to convert if they see a well executed & targeted video ad.

The innovation also consists in the strong correlation we found between search intent and business growth, resulting in more sales and higher conversion rates.

With this in mind, we created an ads ecosystem in order to win the “Zero Moment of Truth”: from awareness to consideration and conversion, every action was designed to assist decision making and to be present while users were still in the research phase.


Google Search Lift

increased by 250%

Youtube Search Lift

increased by 494%

Users entered the top of the funnel

increased by 50%

Users reached the bottom of the funnel

increased by 70%

App downloads

increased by 125%

Reached and engaged Gen Z audience

increased by 70%

About YOXO

YOXO is one of the most innovative telecom products on the market, launched by Orange Romania in 2020. It is a 100% digital telecom subscription that comes as an app and it’s meant to change the traditional contractual relationship with a telecommunications provider - with YOXO, users get a postpaid type of service with no contractual limits, re-configurable each month and with the possibility to cancel the service whenever they want without penalties whatsoever.


A customer centric approach for our paid media strategy was the key to the success. We focused on understanding our customers better and creating tailored campaigns that spoke directly to our target audience. We used data analytics to assess and optimize our marketing funnel and as a result, we saw a significant increase in customer acquisition and business results.

Denisa Spânu - YOXO Digital Marketing Manager


By working together with YOXO since its launch, we managed to understand the brand and the spirit behind it very well. Right from the beginning we set up a long-term plan built on data-based decisions that would ensure a sustainable long-term business growth.

Through a very successful collaboration over the years, we managed to achieve the growth we wanted, to exceed the results we were aiming for, but also to win 4 important prizes from IAB MIXX Awards in 2020 and 2022, which would confirm once again that we understood the assignment and executed it perfectly.

Daniel Gheorghe - Senior Data Marketing Specialist, Data Revolt