4 GA4 aspects that influence the efficiency of SEO + an applied analysis on ecommerce

We had a fruitful conversation with the SEO department at Data Revolt about how the new features in GA4 influence specific SEO processes, and we extracted the main conclusions that guide us in the new paradigm. The main differences come from the fact that GA4 facilitates a better understanding of how users interact with content on different devices.

   1. Users

GA4: Improved analysis of user behavior: engagement / conversion / retention

SEO: Creating relevant content / targeting keywords becomes easier and more accurate

   2. Attribution Model

GA4: More flexible and accurate attribution model, including for organic search –

SEO: Makes SEO optimizations more relevant and can measure their impact on business

   3. Machine Learning

GA4: Machine learning capabilities that provide information and automation – this can lead to better anticipation of trends and decision improvement

SEO: Anticipating relevant keywords and topics for the future and optimizing accordingly

   4. Cross-device tracking

GA4: Can track user journeys on both mobile and desktop devices, obtaining information about their behavior

SEO: Can optimize for devices that are more likely to initiate user journeys


SEO for E-commerce


For the practical example, we started from the specific vision of the SEO team focused on building a revenue-focused strategy, rather than organic traffic.

In the case of e-commerce platforms, the collected data adjusts the SEO strategy at the product level:

  • At the category level, categories with the highest revenue can be identified, and resources can be allocated there.
  • If a category of products only has traffic from PPC campaigns, we analyze why this is happening, what products it has, and if it’s competitive. If it has everything it needs and still doesn’t generate revenue, then actions are warranted there as well.

The data collected through GA4 helps us find the answer to an essential question:

When should I focus on SEO on a listing page and when on a product page?

  • In the case of a multi-brand site, based on data analysis, we can know what optimizations to apply to brand pages and how to use brand filters.
  • The data from GA4 allows us to adjust the SEO campaign by directing optimization costs towards pages that generate revenue or have the potential to generate revenue on the site.


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