Data Revolt becomes an Authorized Partner of Kochava – leaders in mobile analytics and attribution solutions

Data Revolt becomes an Authorized Partner of Kochava – leaders in mobile analytics and attribution solutions

We continue to expand our range of data-based solutions through partnerships with some of the industry’s most important players in mobile data ecosystems. We believe that the partnership between Data Revolt and Kochava has the potential to transform the landscape of data-driven marketing, both for us and beyond.

As an authorized partner of Kochava, we can leverage the Kochava Marketers Operating System (m/OS) platform to provide even more information and measurement capabilities to clients who have a mobile app component in their business model. Additionally, the platform allows for an integrated approach to data and omni-channel solutions, designed to facilitate data accessibility for maximizing results.

This partnership enables us to provide access to valuable data and insights to our clients, even in the context of changes in privacy settings on platforms and tracking constraints.

Furthermore, by using Kochava’s solutions for fraud detection and prevention, customized reporting, and integration with major advertising networks and platforms, we can offer our clients cutting-edge technology and top-notch solutions verified by internationally recognized companies.

Kochava’s Fight Against Fraud

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Uber sought the assistance of Kochava’s anti-fraud solutions team to conduct a thorough audit of its transactions. After successfully processing over 58 billion transaction records, the Kochava team discovered clear evidence of advertising fraud and violations of Uber’s terms and conditions. Learn more about this case study here.

A prominent betting platform was targeted by advertising fraud during its peak season, with an increase in non-functional clicks and installations from states where online gambling is prohibited. By using Kochava Traffic Verifier, the team established filtering rules to block any traffic originating from these states, reducing the percentage of fraudulent clicks and installations and proactively eliminating CPI payments for conversions.

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