YOXO. A full-spectrum data-marketing solution in 4 steps

After launching the product and rebranding it, YOXO bloomed under a carefully orchestrated data-marketing strategy and succeeded to penetrate the market at a rate we both hoped for & made it happen with a solid team effort plus some cool ideas.

Below are the main points of how we did it.

I. Knowing the product & the market

  • Finding the right target – the innovators / strategy & positioning input
  • #YOXObackedbyData

II. Strategy and prospecting


  • Building up user personas and validate them with cross references from YOXO product team
  • Researching possible buying scenarios and market behaviors
  • Developing funnels suited to our target audience – PMK / Strategy
  • Finding the right touch-points to meet our preferred audiences and structure a media-plan

III. Setting up the marketing deployment


  • Setting up the performance ecosystem – Data gathering / Data tools / Data processes / Customized dashboards
  • Building audiences and learning process – PMK
  • DV & Programmatic learning process and attribution model
  • Joining forces with the best local publishers & publications – Criteo / RTB House / Biziday App
  • Partnering with the most en vogue apps, the most loved libraries chain and the most hip bicycle love brand – Tazz
  • Using every cutting edge platforms available – Snapchat / Huawei Ads
  • Constantly swim in uncharted waters & try to innovate and explore – Brave Browser
  • Reaching the audience based on a particular and essential behavioural aspect – users check their internet speed – OOKLA Campaign –
  • Setting-up PMK campaigns and produce contextualized ads (v-day, march)
  • A/B testing different messages to different audiences – PPY users /
  • Experiment A/B Testing:: Carusel Q&A vs Carusel Tactic – behaviour & audience testing
  • MOAT by Oracle – optimising media channels viewability
  • TPS – connecting with DOOH solutions
  • Reaching high-end users – Emag Display
  • Reaching users in their hot zones – YOXO Tik-Tok and Tinder / Madhouse

Following the contextualised & creative approach from product development / tone of voice, hashtags, the use of rhymes and tongue in cheek jokes – we refined the impact of the PMK content ads & design inhouse & in joint effort with YOXO product team.

Moreover, we constantly focused on Ad-Rank and how to improve the score of the designated LPs by coordinating the use of keywords, benefits, special propositions, prizes and so on.

IV. Data gathering / Data tidying / Performance optimisation


  • We analyzed & cross-referenced the data from different platforms and tools
  • We understood the sources of traffic and the demographics of the target audience we reached
  • We mixed audiences and prospected with lookalike audience or custom intent based groups of potential clients
  • We compared results of awareness vs. performance channels and tailored the messages accordingly

Every step of the way we measured the impact and success of our campaigns & acted upon optimization of the strongest areas while always looking for more margin to grow, while carefully balancing Orange Romania’s other business lines.

* The Bullet Holes Theory case-study


*SEO and key optimisation of the landing page

*Closely follow-up on the results from social media:

#Optimising YOXO Youtube channel and measure the impact – brand lift results

#Optimising YOXO Facebook channel and measure the impact – brand lift results

*We added a layer of data and info regarding the UX / UI presented by YOXO mobile app

*We created targeted remarketing messages to reach those who downloaded and installed YOXO but didn’t activate the account

V. Extra – PR / best practices /


*MIXX Europe & Romania

*Think with Google YOXO Case Study

*Re:Think:Analytics Community Case-Study (out-soon)

*Constantly checking the competition – Flex by Vodafone

*New ideas and special projects cooking

*Boosting awareness and coolness with PR influencers partnerships in IT


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