Data Revolt: 5 Years of Innovation and Excellence in Digital Marketing

Data Revolt: 5 Years of Innovation and Excellence in Digital Marketing

In August 2018, in response to the growing demand for comprehensive digital marketing services in the Romanian market, Cosmin Nastasa and Bogdan Zaharia laid the foundation for the first performance marketing agency with integrated data collection and analysis services, with 100% Romanian capital. In August 2023, marking half a decade since its inception, Data Revolt Agency proudly holds a position among the top 3 performance marketing agencies in Romania, with a portfolio of over 90 clients from 23 countries, a turnover of 5 million euros, and a team of 60 professionals.

For DRA, the 5-year anniversary solidifies its position in the digital marketing market and its healthy growth driven by premium integrated services, including Performance Marketing, Programmatic, Analytics, SEO, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, E-commerce, Martech, UX/UI Design, and Consultancy. Additionally, this milestone is a time for DRA to reflect on past achievements, accumulated experience, and future objectives.

Awards and Recognition

Over the 5 years since its establishment, DRA has been officially recognized and awarded for its use of data in marketing campaigns, both for efficiency and expertise in strategy. The MIXX Awards have become a tradition, with DRA already securing 4 trophies in categories such as Best Use of Data, Most Effective Campaign, Lead Generation Campaign, and Search Excellence Awards. Another industry recognition came in the form of the YouTube Awards and prestigious certifications like GMP (Google Marketing Platform) since 2022. DRA is also proud to hold the status of a Google Premier Partner, making it part of the 3% of marketing agencies in Romania included in this category.

Client Portfolio

For our clients, DRA offers more than simple digital marketing services; it becomes a true partner actively contributing to achieving goals and sustainable growth. Our services cater to both large companies and small entrepreneurs starting out. Some of the many areas of expertise we cover include telco, e-commerce, retail, health/pharma, fashion, beauty, finance, startups, and apps. Five years after its establishment, DRA boasts a diverse client portfolio that includes prominent names in the Romanian market like Orange, Flanco, Bringo, as well as local entrepreneurial businesses like Blindspot (TPS engage) and MURMUR. Regardless of business size, our clients enjoy personalized data-driven development strategies.

DRA Services

In a context many define as uncertain, we continue to rely on the certainty provided by data, just as we have from the start. We remain loyal to the idea that brought us to the forefront of the digital agency landscape in Romania in just 5 years. As mentioned above, DRA offers premium integrated services, including Performance Marketing, Programmatic, Analytics, SEO, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, E-commerce, Martech, UX/UI Design, and Consultancy.

Data Team

Over the past 5 years, the use of data in marketing and business has become increasingly common, with the market recognizing the importance of data in understanding customer behavior, identifying trends, and recognizing growth opportunities. DRA boasts the largest data team in Romania and beyond, with all team members achieving Google Analytics 4 certification on a single day (Long Analytics day). Data collection system audits, customized tracking implementations, and data analysis are essential tools for any online business, and DRA provides them to clients. Among the top data collection and interpretation platforms we use are Mixpanel, Adjust, Segment, and as of 2023, Kochava (mobile measurement platform), Amplitude (product tool), and Adobe Analytics. The result is accessible and relevant data collection, development of fraud prevention methods in advertising, and solutions for existing limitations. Additionally, we’re developing new server-side tracking solutions for our clients, and through our partnership with the MAD team, we offer top solutions for the challenges presented by the future of “cookieless” environments. Furthermore, the DRA team supports privacy-ready solutions as a way for our clients to differentiate themselves in the Romanian digital market and build a trusted relationship with users.

Performance Marketing Team

We efficiently utilize all available media platforms to enhance our clients’ results. Since 2018, we’ve been building teams and consistently striving to be a strong partner for businesses seeking expertise in performance marketing. Integrating technology and data into marketing has allowed us to innovate and automate. One example is the automation of the naming and identification process for paid media campaigns, resulting in increased operational efficiency and greater investment control. Over the years, we’ve implemented and tested various campaign strategies, even merging digital with outdoor in DOOH campaigns with the assistance of partners from Blind Spot.

SEO Team

In the past 5 years, we’ve built an SEO team comprised of specialists with over 10 years of experience in the field. Always eager for innovation, the DRA SEO team offers data-driven SEO services to better understand clients’ businesses and improve marketing architecture. Customizing SEO services for each DRA client is based on cost and potential for results. Another distinguishing aspect is that we export integrated SEO services with data to international businesses in Europe.

Direct Marketing Team

Over 5 years, we’ve sent out over 20 million emails, obtained certifications from Sendinblue and ActiveCampaign, and developed powerful automation solutions. The main benefits brought to clients by this department include customer conversion and retention, generating sustainable growth and increased profits. As of 2023, we’re introducing a loyalty objective for Data Revolt clients through a partnership with The Marketer.

Social Media Team

In 2022, we introduced content strategies for TikTok and launched new social media pages for our clients. New additions include the concept of performance-based social media strategies and innovative content diversification methods.

Content Marketing

Among the achievements of the Content team are backlinking projects and content audits across various industries, such as Finance, Crypto, Data Analytics, Banking, Telecom, and Health. Innovations include a mix of branding and awareness with an SEO component, resulting in spectacular growth of over 300% for some clients.

Design & Product

From comprehensive design processes to support for performance and programmatic campaigns, the Design & Product team contributes to achieving results through functional design strategies and enhancing customer experience. Additionally, we provide specialized programming/development services for marketing (Martech).


With hundreds of programmatic buying strategies in action and expertise in major industry platforms, the Programmatic team sets a high standard for media buying and optimizes client budgets. Moreover, our team of senior experts with over 10 years of experience is among the few to hold GMP certification (certified agency in DV360 and CM360). Among our innovative campaigns, we want to highlight the use of Augmented Reality, voice-command digital advertising, and the integration of TV with digital through Dynamic Ad Insertion.

DRA Partnerships

Anticipating the growing need of our clients for integrated online services and solutions, Data Revolt’s involvement in the Romanian market has naturally led to partnerships with complementary companies like Mad About Digital, ThinkDigital, Kochava, Flowpoint, Mixpanel, Segment, Adjust, and The Marketer. As a result, we have become one of the few digital agencies capable of delivering tailored and flexible solutions to our clients.

Social and Industry Impact: As a continuation of OK Institute, in 2022, we established a digital marketing academy, now evolving into the Data Revolt Academy. Here, participants learn from the best industry specialists about the science behind digital marketing and how to build a career in the field.

What Does the Future Hold?

In a period marked by uncertainty and ongoing need for adaptation, we remain an honest and reliable partner for our clients. Our future continues to rest on three key pillars: top consulting specialists, innovative technologies, and data-driven business strategies. As we celebrate our 5th anniversary, DRA stands stronger and more stable, positioned at the intersection of digital advertising, technology, and business consultancy.