Data Revolt partners with Flowpoint

Data Revolt Agency is extending UX and customer behavior analysis capabilities integration to AI

Data Revolt partners with Flowpoint

Data Revolt announces a partnership with London-based start-up Flowpoint.AI 

Data Revolt Agency announces a partnership with 2022 founded company Flowpoint.AI, started by a group of software engineers from RO, relying on extensive experience in the fields of product development, data analytics, AI and cybersecurity.

The partnership aims to define top services for clients that need data about consumers to improve their services. 

About Flowpoint


    • Services – an analytics tool for users sessions and interactions with a digital product. Flowpoint detects features that can be improved: technical aspects, UX, behavior and has a direct impact on the conversion rate. 
    • Differentiator – Flowpoint defined a product starting from a multi-area expertise: product dev, cybersecurity data analytics and AI 
  • Market positioning – Flowpoint helps businesses to understand how users interact with a digital product in order to enable the optimisation of both navigation experience and the product to boost income
  • Founding year – 2022, Londra
  • Mission – To help businesses understand what clients want
  • Other relevant info – Flowpoint.AI is a startup developing a proprietary technology that analyzes users behavior, combining artificial intelligence with cybersecurity algorithms. 


Data Revolt Agency


  • Services holistic business solutions based on the use of data in every aspect of digital marketing – Performance, Data & Analytics, Programmatic, Content Marketing, SEO, Direct Marketing, Product Design and CRO, Social Media
  • Differentiator – using data to understand businesses, optimizing business decisions and integrate data marketing solutions in the overall digital architecture of companies. 
  • Market positioning – One of the first and presently the best data marketing agencies in RO knowledge-wise, and one of the best in CEE. Founding year – 2018
  • Mission to help businesses grow with marketing solutions based on data.
  • Other relevant info – cea mai mare echipă de specialiști în data analytics din RO


AI based data collection 


The main objective of the partnership between Data Revolt and is generating top solutions to analyse and understand online user behaviour and collect data that stand as arguments in developing new services/ products, or improving user experience to boos clients’ revenue. Business decisions based on data, now through a new layer of data, collected by the use of AI capabilities. 


What do users do and want online?


Following the partnership with Flowpoint, Data Revolt clients will be able to acces data on how their online presence works, how specific features of their website or app are used and if they fulfill their assigned purpose. 


Marketing strategies that put users in contact with the digital product/service, are doubled by strategies to optimize usage flow, based on behavioral data. The end result is an integrated approach of each step a user makes from discovering the offer to conversion and further retention. 


Top notch data & analytic services


Accessing direct knowledge about users behavior in the digital medium will extend the amount of data available for the data-marketing teams to work with, leading to greater efficiency and personalisation of the solutions offered to clients.  


If so far we analyzed business data and correlated them with market data from marketing platforms, now we will extend the area of analysis with detailed data generated by the online interactions of users with our clients online presence. Therefore, the pool of data we look  at in order to build business solutions is growing both in quantity and quality.

You can start the process of analyzing your data and your customer behavior here.