Marian Becheanu - Head of Data in cadrul Agentiei de Data Marketing DataRevolt


DATA is the guidance provided for a business to achieve its goal.

Since 2012 I have worked with many global and local businesses in order to help them thrive by using the power of the data. We helped companies achieve their goals like ECCO the shoe manufacturer that is present in 17 countries across the globe, UiPath the global software company that makes robotic process automation software, L’OREAL the world’s largest cosmetics company and many more e-commerces and lead generation businesses.

Along the way I developed a set of skills that now allow me to solve business struggles (replenishment, predictability, stock rotation) by putting the data to work.

A good part of my work is related to Google Suite: Google Analytics 360, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Firebase, Data Studio, CM & DV 360 but not limited to it.

In August 2018 something magically happened, Data Revolt was born and I was there from the beginning. Now I’m leading the DATA department and I’m very proud of each one of my colleagues due to their professionalism, knowledge and because of embracing the common values of <honest, reliable and happy>. Here I had the chance to work with a lot of analytics tools (beside Google Suite) like Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics, AppsFlyer, Adjust and also got certified in Mixpanel and Adjust.

Our focus as a DATA team is to provide digital solutions to drive excellent business results by using data.


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