Adina Simion - Head of Performance in cadrul Agentiei PPC DataRevolt


With an experience of over 9 years in digital marketing and advertising, working on the agency side and having contact with many business verticals have helped me to develop my skills and further share my knowledge with new generations of specialists.

I have developed performance marketing strategies for e-commerce clients and non-ecommerce clients. I can mention the projects I have contributed to over time: Bringo, Orange Money, Metro, Elefant, Provident, Catena, The Home, etc.

At this moment in Data Revolt, my department’s focus is on non-ecommerce clients (corporate with multiple business lines, B2B, apps, lead generation) that my super team manages and helps them grow nicely using data insights.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and LinkedIn Ads are the leading platforms we work with every day, but depending on clients’ KPIs, we also have experience with Apple Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads, and others.


Build awareness, increase website traffic, generate more leads or sales…these are objectives for online businesses. But which is more important? What should your business prioritize? At this point...