Eduard Petcu - Performance Specialist in cadrul Agentiei de PPC DataRevolt


It was 2019 when I switched from a QA tester to a job that covered multiple areas of the Digital universe, such as SEO, PPC, content management, reporting and site creation with the help of modules and after a year of juggling, I found myself transferred, like a football player, to this awesome marketing agency, Data Revolt.

Here I was reborn, like a digital phoenix, and focused mainly on PPC and reporting.

Being part of an awesome team, I was allowed to mingle with every marketing platform I could come across and learn by doing and making mistakes.

Encouraged by members of my team and superiors, I had some free time to improve different systems, to make them more autonomous and free everybody’s schedule, in order to have more mental power for those interesting marketing ideas.

After almost 4 years in this agency and continually growing with the help of my team, I’ve become a PPC/Data hybrid, covering holes, gluing ideas and building time bridges in order for my team and myself to continue being honest, reliable and happy.


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