Cristina Fulea - Head of Performance in cadrul Agentiei PPC DataRevolt


When I discovered digital marketing in 2014 I knew I found the right field: a mix between creative work, strategy and data. 

During these years I had the chance to work with clients from different areas such as e-commerce, finance and telecom and help them reach their goals through performance marketing. 

Starting with Google Ads and Facebook, I managed to expand my knowledge and work with other media platforms such as: Criteo, RTB House, Petal ads, Tiktok, Snapchat, Reddit and others. 

In the last four years I’ve been managing one of the performance teams and it’s been a great pleasure to coach and help grow a team of very passionate and hard working people.

At Data Revolt, whether we develop media strategies, automate complex reports or create intricate presentations, we do it by keeping in mind our values “honest, reliable and happy”.