Adrian Chiper - Graphic Designer in cadrul Agentiei de Webdesign DataRevolt


I chose to become a UI designer to deliver a product that functions as well as it looks – and it looks darn good.

Throughout my 3 years in the industry, I have brought value to every project I’ve worked on and improved my skills with each completed project.

As for my experience, I can mention the following accomplishments:

  • High fidelity Prototypes at a 1:1 scale that meet all UX and SEO requirements;
  • Social media banners with high engagement;
  • Creative banners optimized for Google Ads and Facebook platforms;
  • Re-designs for websites and brands.

My expertise lies in UI and graphic design, where I combine my creative and technical skills to create engaging and intuitive user interfaces. I am committed to the design process and always take the time to think critically before putting my ideas onto paper.

My client portfolio is diverse, ranging from well-known industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, real estate, and telecommunications. Some of my clients include Orange, Flanco, Secom, Good Routine, GQS, and AutoEco.

At Data Revolt, I have found a place where I can receive support from other specialists and synergize with all departments. 

The most important thing in the company’s culture is autonomy in what you do, which helps me perform at my best and be creatively expressive to the maximum.