Dana Lisineanu


Programmatic advertising is that one friend to whom you will thank later for saving you time, money, and hassle, while guiding you towards the best shopping outcomes.

Its cost efficiency, access to diverse inventory, and real-time optimization truly make programmatic advertising an invaluable ally in achieving your awareness goals, just as your shopping-savvy friend does in helping you curate a stylish and budget-friendly wardrobe.

My journey in digital marketing started 7 years ago, and it was the best decision I made. All this time I had the great opportunity to implement projects and assist partnership goals for more than 150 clients, both RO & International, including: Orange, YOXO, Bringo, METRO, Khiel’s, Lidl, Coca-Cola, and many more.

On this path I have gained valuable experience in:
Programmatic media buying;
Digital strategy planning;
In-depth analysis & optimization;
Account management.

To help my clients in reaching their business goals and building a strong awareness strategy, I use a diverse array of tools such as: DV360, CM360, GA4, Data Studio, Tag Manager, Firebase, Appsflyer, Adform, Teads Ad Network, MOAT, and others.

Being part of the Data Revolt allowed me to experience more cross – functional collaboration, to enhance my communication and people management skills through coordination of the Programmatic Team, and to constantly evolve in this dynamic environment.

What excites me even more is the chance I have to merge and harmonize the Programmatic strategy in the media mix, working closely with other teams, including Performance, Design, and Content Marketing. A collective power in sustain of remarkable results.

My contribution and my passion lies in making a meaningful impact across various business domains, to drive positive change and significant value with each project for my clients.


To begin, let’s talk about the importance of embracing a holistic approach that integrates both awareness and performance into your digital strategy throughout the year. Whether you've just...