Optimizarea ratei de conversie si a
experientei utilizatorului (UX)

Planificam si executam strategia de CRO&UX pentru a optimiza indicatorii relevanti 
legati de conversii, produs, venit si retentie a clientilor.

Ce livram

O metodologie personalizata de optimizare de e-commerce si indicatori de business bazata pe cercetare si date.

Verificam si analizam datele cantitative din Google Analytics, precum si cele calitative legate de experienta utilizatorilor si a clientilor pentru a obtine informatii legate de ceea ce ii motiveaza sa cumpere, ce ii face sa abandoneze cosul si alte lucruri esentiale despre comportamentul lor de cumparare.

Analiza flow-ului de conversie

Ne uitam pas cu pas la flow-ul de conversie, de la pagina pe care intra vizitatorii, pana la comunicarea post achizitie pentru a identifica oportunitati de optimizare.

Identificam eventualele probleme tehnice sau erori de tracking care ar putea afecta raportarile sau chiar experienta vizitatorilor. De asemenea, analizam cat de usoara si naturala este navigarea pe site, pe desktop, mobil si tableta.

Acumulam informatii strategice despre produs analizand strategia de pret, de produs si de stoc. De asemenea, aflam care sunt clientii VIP, de unde vin si cum putem atrage si mai multi din aceeasi categorie.

Experienta utilizatorului si optimizarea ratei de conversie

Audit de Landing Page

Analiza unei singure pagini sau o propunere de structura pentru o pagina relevanta, ce urmeaza sa fie creata (pagina de campanie, homepage, pagina de cos sau de finalizare a comenzii).

Audit de baza/de inceput

Analiza UX si CRO pentru cei mai importanti pasi din flow-ul de conversie: homepage, pagina de categorie, pagina de produs, cos, checkout si thank you page.

Audit complet

Un audit complet de UX si CRO care cuprinde o perspectiva in profunzime a datelor de marketing si de business, cu accent pe sugestiile de optimizare a ratei de conversie, a experientei utilizatorului, pe rezolvarea erorilor tehnice si pe analiza continutului.

Agentie web design - Servicii Web Design si UX/UI ce foloseste Hotjar
Agentie web design - Servicii Web Design si UX/UI ce foloseste Wisepops
Agentie web design - Servicii Web Design si UX/UI

Cum functioneaza

Unde se blocheaza potentialii tai clienti? Ce ii face sa renunte la comanda? 
Ce elemente din site sau din aplicatie folosesc mai mult sau mai putin?

Agentie web design - Servicii Web Design si UX/UI

Decizii bazate pe date

In God we trust. All others must bring data.

W. Edwards Deming

Clientii nostri

Lucram cu clienti a caror viziune genereaza schimbare in industria din care fac parte.

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Honest. Reliable. Happy


I'm Ana, a passionate self-taught UI/UX Designer and Head of Design & Product Team at Data Revolt Agency. My 7+ years experience in the field of digital design, both UX and Product design, reached a peak 2 years ago when I became the Head of Product Team in Data Revolt Agency, coordinating a team of five specialists and a portfolio of 20 customers.

Our clients are very diverse, ranging from banking to telecommunications and ecomm. I can proudly mention Orange Romania, Yoxo, Secom, Good Routine, OTP Bank, Flanco and L'oreal as part of our collaborators.

The quality of the communication and user experience on your website are essential in order to consolidate a great relationship with your users or clients. Online, you’re not just going against your industry competitors, but agains every other great digital experience that your potential customers have ever, no matter the brand or industry.

In time, thanks to the data driven way we work at Data Revolt I have received the validation I’d been looking for for a long time. Design is not define solely by creativity. Based on data, it becomes a tool that shapes the relationship between your brand and your users and clients, making it more relevant for its target audience


I chose to become a UI designer to deliver a product that functions as well as it looks - and it looks darn good.

Throughout my 3 years in the industry, I have brought value to every project I've worked on and improved my skills with each completed project.

As for my experience, I can mention the following accomplishments:

  • High fidelity Prototypes at a 1:1 scale that meet all UX and SEO requirements;
  • Social media banners with high engagement;
  • Creative banners optimized for Google Ads and Facebook platforms;
  • Re-designs for websites and brands.

My expertise lies in UI and graphic design, where I combine my creative and technical skills to create engaging and intuitive user interfaces. I am committed to the design process and always take the time to think critically before putting my ideas onto paper.

My client portfolio is diverse, ranging from well-known industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, real estate, and telecommunications. Some of my clients include Orange, Flanco, Secom, Good Routine, GQS, and AutoEco.

At Data Revolt, I have found a place where I can receive support from other specialists and synergize with all departments. 

The most important thing in the company's culture is autonomy in what you do, which helps me perform at my best and be creatively expressive to the maximum.


I'm Madalina, an experienced graphic designer with a passion for creating stunning designs that not only look great but are also highly functional. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, I specialize in designing banner ads and social media visuals. Throughout the years, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with various e-commerce businesses and telecom brands such as MeliMelo,  RobertoRossi, Orange and Yoxo.

I believe that design is not only about creativity, but also about usability. That's why I create designs that serve their intended purpose effectively.

To achieve this, I use data-driven information in my daily activities to create custom designs, that follow both brand guidelines and target the defined audience. By understanding the target audience and their specific needs, I can create designs that resonate with them and help the brand achieve its goals.

Throughout my career, I've developed a unique perspective on design, combining technical skills with a deep understanding of aesthetics. I approach each project with a fresh and innovative mindset, working collaboratively with clients to understand their requirements and objectives.


Alex Nastasa

Focus pe date - Viziune - Impact

Indreapta-ti eforturile catre obiectivele care conteaza. Vom identifica datele de care ai nevoie si te vom sprijini sa dezvolti strategia si actiunile specifice care sa genereze cresterea businessului tau.

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